This tech note is designed as a template that you should customize before distributing to your iPhone users. Any Blue Text within this document is information for you, the administrator, to read and edit appropriately before giving this document to your user base. Configuring the iPhone to send and receive mail Tap Settings [Image:1.jpg] Tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars [Image:2.jpg] Tap Add Account [Image:3.jpg] Tap Other [Image:10222008_84928_0.png] Enter your Name, FirstClass E-mail Address and account Password, then tap Save [Image:10222008_85143_1.jpg] Select Incoming Mail Server The Name, Address, Description and Password fields will already be filled in from the previous screen. Host Name: User Name: Your FirstClass userID [Image:10222008_90049_2.png] Scroll down to access the rest of the page Outgoing Mail Server Host Name: User Name: Your FirstClass UserID Password: Your FirstClass Password Tap Save Note for admins: For the user to relay mail through FirstClass they will need the Allow Mail Relay permission enabled on their account, and FirstClass Internet Services will need to be accessible on port 25 (SMTP) or port 587 (SMTP Submission). If you need help configuring SMTP Submission, please [ fcp://,%2334537/Support%20Services/Support%20Tech%20Notes/Internet%20Services%20Tech%20Notes/SMTP%20Submission ]click this link [Image:10222008_90742_3.png] You will see the following "Cannot Connect" message once or twice. Click Yes each time. [Image:10222008_122156_0.jpg] If all information has been entered correctly, you will (very briefly) see IMAP account verified, and your setup is complete! If the device instead reports an error, you should make sure your phone is currently able to access a data network, and verify you entered all information correctly. If you continue to have setup problems, please contact for assistance. [Image:10222008_122748_1.png]